Top 10 Dog Supply Brands

When it comes to your four-legged companion, you are going to want the best. This could be from the food they eat to the collar you let them wear. Perhaps you want to purchase a nice dog bed for them to lie on, or maybe you are tired of purchasing dog toys that end up chewed into pieces after only a week. Below are ten brands ranging from food to toys to medications.

1. Zuke’s

Opening its doors in 1995, Zuke’s was started by Patrick Meiering and his canine companion Zuke. This year, they are celebrating 20 years in business. They are known for their healthy, all-natural dog treats. Zuke’s is unique because they firmly believe that four-legged companions should have healthy snacks just like people do.

2. K9 Advantix and K9 Advantix II

Created by Bayer, these two brands of flea and tick medication are very popular with pet owners because they kill or repel many different types of insects that can harm their canine companions. Bayer has been around since 1863, and they have brands in more than just pet care.

3. Blue Buffalo

This particular dog food company has been around since 2006 and is known for being one of the healthiest on the market. It is very popular with dog and cat food owners, and they have foods that come in a variety of flavor combinations. Blue Buffalo is currently based in Connecticut.

4. Nerf Pet

Like the Nerf toys available for boys and girls, Nerf Pet offers your canine companion his own line of Nerf toys. These won’t shoot tiny darts at you, luckily, but they will be great fun for your dog. Their website does not list how long they have been in business. However, you can find their products in many different stores, including Walmart and Amazon.


Back in 1976, a man and his dog discovered that the rubber suspension part of a VW bus made a great toy. Since then, KONG has been making dog toys out of a specialized pet-friendly rubber that is just as durable as that rubber suspension piece. KONG toys are especially great when paired with treats to keep your dog stimulated with self-rewarding playtime.

6. Nutro

Since 1926, Nutro has been providing pet owners with a food choice that is healthy and safe for their canine companions. Their headquarters is located in Tennessee, and they have manufacturing facilities in three different locations. The company that owns Nutro also owns many other dog supply brands that you may or may not know including Pedigree, IAMS, Greenies, and Cesar.

7. Harley Davidson Pets

Those who love their Harley Davidson motorcycle will love the brand’s line of pet-friendly products. These include leashes and collars, bowls, toys, apparel, and more. Harley Davidson has been around since 1903, and they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

8. Bissell

For those who love their four legged companions but hate the mess they make, Bissell can help. Bissell has an extensive variety of cleaning products for pet messes. This includes vacuums, steam cleaners, and specialized cleaners. The SpotBot is especially useful for small stains that sometimes happen. Bissell has been around since 1876, and those who know their vacuums will trust their pet products too.

9. Buddy Beds

If you have a memory foam mattress that your canine companion loves almost as much as you do, you no longer have to share. Buddy Beds has a large line of memory foam pet beds that your four legged friend is sure to love just as much as he or she loves your memory foam mattress. Buddy Beds has been around since 2004, and they are located in Colorado.

10. Frontline

Another popular flea and tick medication, Frontline can protect your canine companion from more than just adult fleas. They also kill larvae and eggs. Frontline is available from most vets, and it is designed to be easily applied between your canine companions’s shoulder blades. The company that owns Frontline, Merial, is located in Georgia and has been around since 2001.When you love someone, you give them the best. So why would you not do the same for your dog? Check out these ten different dog supply brands, and give your dog the best you can offer.

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