Self Balancing Scooters Buying Guide

Self balancing scooters have crowded the market in the past year. In fact, they are becoming quite the fad over the last year. Here is some information for those interested in the scooters.

Self Balancing Scooter

Types of Self Balancing Scooters

There are quite a few variations of the self balancing scooter in stores right now. These include intelligent unicycles, electric self balancing scooters, and intelligent self balancing scooters. The intelligent unicycles take a bit more practice before heading out on the open road. If you want easy and convenient, choose the electric self balancing scooters. In addition, you can travel easily with this type by conveniently storing it in the trunk. Intelligent self balancing scooters seem to be the safest out of the three types. However, they aren’t as versatile when traveling around and still pose risks for spills and wipe outs. These types offer varying degrees of safety and control over different terrains. Moreover, they have different environmental impacts that may be useful knowledge for some consumers.

Self Balancing Scooter


The main features on the self balancing scooters are important to research before buying. The wheel hubs tend to be the most important part to look at. The hubs determine how easy or difficult it is to balance and turn. The largest hub on the market right now is 16 inches and has great control over rough terrain. Safety performance is another key aspect when considering which scooter to buy. A few safety features include speed limit control, low battery protection, and tilting protection as well as a safety alarm. New features coming on the market for the self balancing scooter are: electronic braking system, hydraulic suspension, and automatic steering system. These features will hopefully increase the safety of the vehicles.

Along with all the interior, functionality features, buyers can have fun with designing exterior features. Find the color that speaks to you or perhaps LED controls pique your interest. If you know that you will be traveling with your two wheel self balance scooter, you can even opt for a folding shaft so you can fit it in the car. All of these features will surely help you to personal the product to fit your needs and wants.

Top Brand Self Balancing Scooters

There are a few top brands right now on the market for self balancing scooter. Jetson and Razor Hovertrax are in strong competition in the market of the two wheel self balancing scooters.

When you are ready to buy one of these trendy, recreational vehicles, be sure to hop on one and test your comfort levels. The exterior features are not as nearly as important as the safety features so look for that confidence in your ride. Finally, always look into the warranty that the company offers with the scooter.

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