Creative 3D Printer Design Ideas In 2016

When 3D printers first came out, they were complicated and expensive. However, 3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies, and consumer models are already on the market, making it easy for the public to see their own designs come to light. Creators can make their own models of items to print using 3D modeling software or by scanning an existing object. However, many inventors are sharing files for their creations online for free. Thingiverse is one website that lets creators upload and download files, show off their finished masterpieces and explore ideas.

3D Food Printer

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Some 3D printers can make creations out of any air-dried product, such as clay. That means you can create a custom set of clay or porcelain dinnerware from scratch. Printing with porcelain can give your final product a brighter, more uniform finish than traditional porcelain that’s glazed and fired. In this way, a 3D printer can help you put a modern spin on a traditional product. Make yourself salt and pepper shakers in any quirky shape or draw and print customized cookie cutters. If you really want to get crazy, you can actually make food using the Foodini, a kitchen appliance that brings 3D printing technology to edible ingredients.

3D Printed Drinks Dispenser

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Party Essentials

Be a hit at your next shindig. Use a 3D printer to create this drink dispenser, which serves up six equal shots of liquor at once. This vending machine takes real money and gives you back a generous serving of small candies. A standard-sized mason jar can be screwed into the top to hold the candy or you can print out the jar yourself.

3D Printed Guitar

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Musical Instruments

Some musicians and hobbyists have toyed with the idea of printing musical instruments. The instruments shown here actually play music, and some of them could win awards for their ingenuity and good looks. Many musical instruments have a 3D-printed body but employ other materials to connect the strings and other parts. The Atom Guitar is printed using a strong nylon but has a wooden core that produces a suitable musical tone. You can check out more experimental 3D-printed musical instruments, including the free F-F-Fiddle file, here.

3D Printer Replacing Broken Parts

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Replace Broken Parts

If you have a broken toy, appliance or machine in your home, you can repair it using your 3D printer instead of searching through a parts catalog for a hard-to-find piece. You can even print out replacement car parts or pieces of a vintage item that are no longer available in the marketplace. Thingiverse offers thousands of printing plans for replacement parts for common items, or you can make a model yourself. In some cases, you may need to print a silicone mold for an object, then cast the object in the mold using resin.

For the hobbyist, budding inventor, artist or anyone with imagination, a 3D printer opens the door to a world of opportunities. The technology allows you to get creative and experiment with new products in the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless, and you can impress your friends and even profit from your creations.

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